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Areas of Focus


Struggling after a breakup or divorce?

The end of a relationship can be the beginning to finding yourself

Maybe it happened last week, several years ago, or worry it’ll happen soon- but you’ve come to the end of an unsatisfying relationship. At this point you are not sure if it's worth trying again, but also don’t want to give up on finding love. While you were with that person you weren’t sure it was even okay to ask for the things you needed from them. You felt depressed, anxious, stuck and alone. 

At this point you want to move forward in life so you can find and create the relationship that is going to work for you. You really want to know if there is a way to be in love with someone and have them love the REAL you. You want to find that person who truly understands you, respects you and will work with you to build the love you dream of.

I understand and have been through the struggle of finding and creating a sustainable and lasting relationship. You shouldn’t have to go it alone. As your therapist I help you grow to understand what hasn’t worked in the past, heal from the things that have been hurtful and unsatisfying, and stay focused on your inner purpose for seeking love.


Struggling to love your career path?

The work you do can work for you

You feel stuck and out of place on your current career and/or education path. You feel anxious, depressed and can’t seem to find the motivation to keep up. Perhaps the career path you are on is the one that you were told or you thought you should be on, but it’s really not making you happy. 

You would like to feel energized by your work and/or studies. You want to look forward to it and feel like you are making a difference. You would like your work to meet a greater, more inner purpose and leave you feeling satisfied.

Getting there can be a real struggle. We all need help from time to time getting on the right path. For me, struggling to find and grow along my career path has been a big part of my personal journey; I know just how valuable it is to be able to do the type of work that I love, and I love my work as a therapist. My personal experience as well as my training helps me as your therapist to help you to grow as you understand what about your career path hasn’t been working. Therapy can help you heal from the shame you may have felt as well as help you stay focused on your inner purpose for the work you want to do.

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