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  • Do you take insurance? Which ones?
    I am paneled with Angle Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, EMI, Select Health and United Health Care. I am happy to bill your insurance if I am in network with your plan. It is important that you double check your benefits with your insurance company as some companies outsource mental health benefits to another insurance carrier that I may not be paneled with. Your specific plan will dictate if you have a copay or if you need to pay their full rate until you meet your deductible. It is ultimately your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits and you will be responsible for any fees not covered by your insurance provider. I understand navigating the insurance maze can be confusing, so I am happy to answer any questions that I can and work with you in understanding and utilizing your benefits. You may have "out-of-network" benefits with your insurance provider, in which case I am happy to provide you with invoices that you may then submit for reimbursement, however you will be responsible for payment of my full fees at the time of service, and you will responsible for submitting the forms for reimbursement.
  • What are your fees if not using insurance?
    Intake session - $150 Regular session (1 hour) -$130 Bishop/ecclesiastical pay accepted at discounted rate ($110) Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted
  • Do I really need therapy?
    We all need support and help in order to grow, find happiness, meet personal goals and maintain good mental health. That support comes in many forms from family, friends and other sources. Often this is enough, but other times it may be helpful to work with someone who provides an outside perspective. A trained therapist can help you make sense of your symptoms and can work with you on a deeper level to find emotional healing and release from past trauma and emotional wounds. I believe that nearly anyone can benefit from therapy and most people who do engage in therapy feel that the relief and growth they experience are worth the time, energy and cost of the work.
  • Do I need to fill something out before we meet?
    Yes. Once we have scheduled your first appointment you will receive an email with a link to login to the client portal where you will fill out and sign all the necessary forms and paperwork. If this is a challenge or the technology is not working for you, I am happy to provide paper copies or walk you through how to complete it.
  • How often are therapy sessions held?
    Several factors go into determining how often we meet including your schedule, your budget, the needs you have that are bringing you into therapy and the pace at which you would like to do therapy. In general at the start I recommend setting up a schedule for us to meet weekly or every other week. Obviously not every person’s schedule is conducive to this, so I am happy to work with you on making something work. Over time as progress is made, we may taper off to less frequent sessions or even have infrequent “check in” sessions as needed. I will always invite you to “use your gut” to determine what you are needing from therapy.
  • Do you work with people outside of your areas of focus?
    Yes. I started to advertise my areas of focus because I noticed that I naturally ended up working with a number of people needing support after a breakup/divorce or needing a change in career path. Advertising these specialties is part of my marketing stretegy, but I do work with people facing a variety of issues and circumstances. I try to find and highlight the universal human struggles behind many of the problems we as humans face. This helps me adapt to and work well with a variety of people. Let's chat about what you are facing and see if working together is a good fit. If it doesn't feel right I am happy to help you find someone to work with who might be a better fit.
  • What is EMDR therapy?
    Watch to learn more.
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